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123Movies offers one of the largest collections of cinema movies and TV series online at no cost.
With just a few clicks, you get instant access to our database, which includes over 10,000 movies and lots of episodes updated daily, from your favorite TV shows, all in 4k, 1080p or 720p quality.

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Many individuals select 123Movies as a substitute to go to the cinema for watching movies or to sign up for a paid streaming platform for a simple reason: it takes a lot less effort and costs 0. This platform is available on TV, PC, MAC, Phone, Tablet, PS, Xbox, Android, Windows, IOS and not only, all you need is just an internet connection. Recomaned browser is Google Chrome or Firefox! In addition, to watch at GoMovies for free doesn't required an account, as we do not want to make you spend your time unnecessarily, but if you want to interact with us, you can create one here. We hope that everything you find on this platform will enjoy you, and in this case we are grateful if we receive your feedback so we can improve the quality of the new site.

We represent a very good alternative to avoid paying a monthly subscription for a streaming service or to buy movie tickets. Watch all your favorite movies from anywhere in the world without shaking your head. The benefit of 123MoviesHub is that it has far more video footage than any other paid streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV +, Disney + and more.

For example, if you want to watch a movie produced by Netflix or a series from HBO and one from Amazon, you will need to pay subscriptions from three streaming providers a month, which is pointless. On our site is no bride to pay any money.
This is our strength and that is why we are the best known because we have managed to include all the TV shows and movies from all over the world in one place, so that everyone has free access.
We also apologize for the annoying ads that come up from time to time, but this is our only source of income to maintain this free platform.

Many websites are constantly trying to clone what 123Movies4k.net does, but not all succeed for a few reasons: they don't have enough content, video files aren't the best, aggressive ads and the list goes on.
For this reason, we update our database of contemporary movies and TV episodes exclusively in high quality HD & 4K format every day.
We do not agree with pop-up windows, and we would like to announce that they come from those who provide and host video content.
In addition, we use as few potential ads as possible and strongly suggest that you simply configure AdBlock to remove annoying ads.

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How to Watch Free Online Movies at www.123Movies4k.net

If you already know the name of the movie or show you want to watch online for free, then you can simply search it in the "Search" field above. We certainly have all the great content material you want to see, so if you can't find it, make sure you typed the name correctly.
However, you are not sure what you want to watching, you should use our many filters such as genres, years and IMDB / TMDB rankings, which can be found in the main menu.

Movies 123 interface is quite friendly and familiar to many people, and if this is your first time visiting our site and you have already found what you want to see, you just have to click on the play button in the desired movie or episode page.
We use several sources from which we take materials presented on the site and we offer you 2 sources in HD for episodes and 3 sources in HD1080p and 720p for movies and trailers. Each source is referred to as Server 1.2 or 3.
Choose the source and that's all. If an ad appears somewhere, close it and click play.
Now, the movie will start to play and you can watch it without cost and without interruption.

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On the web page of each movie or episode you watched, you will find a few buttons for sharing on social networks, just click and follow the instructions, I think it is easy enough for you and we do not have to explain more.

Why share on social networks?
Well this will help us grow the team and certainly the quality of those found here.

What is the 123movies Platform?

123 movies is a free, reliable, and complete website with compelling movies and everything you love to watch. This is one of the most prominent websites in the world with astonishing features and amazing things to consider. This platform gives you access to some of the best features that you can’t find anywhere else. 123 movies cares for its users, and thus it offers the best content as well. You don’t have to pay anything to watch their content.